At Tayloe/Gray, our core strength is our ability to create innovative solutions to complex problems. We believe that success starts with a plan, and digital success begins with a Marketing Blueprint: our results-oriented process that begins with clearly defining the WHY.

WHY do you want a new logo?
WHY do you need a new website?
WHY do you need marketing for your business?

With WHY in place, our team builds your custom Marketing Blueprint and the fun begins…

Market & Competitor Research

The market is a dynamic place, global and ever-evolving. You need to know the lay of the land to find your path to success, and that’s where our market and competitor research comes in. We’ll study your goals, your strengths, the competition you’re facing—and we’ll put it all together to find the right way forward.

Your Marketing Blueprint will include:

  • Comprehensive Overview: Goals & Objectives
  • Detail Brand Ecosystem: SWOT Competitive Analysis, Market Audience Provides
  • Customer Journey Map with Moments of Impact
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Brand Positioning
  • Tactical Platforms

Strategic Planning

Smart solutions call for insightful strategy. At Tayloe/Gray, we want to know what makes your business tick. Who is your audience? What are your obstacles? What will success look like?

  • Detailed analysis and synthesis of the available data
  • A comprehensive strategic plan, broken down into actionable segments and items
  • A flexible, agile approach designed to adapt to an evolving marketplace
  • Support and detailed communication, every step of the way

Implementation Strategy

We wrap what we learn into a strategy that guides our teams as your project moves from design to development. With all the pieces in place, it’s time to share your project with the world. We’ll work with you to make sure you have a solid plan to launch, analyze the results, and refine your efforts to improve performance.

  • A detailed and thorough approach to planning, setup, and design
  • Robust, coordinated campaign execution and optimization
  • Alignment of essential benchmarks and time horizons

Case Studies

Below are work examples of our clients that participated in the Marketing Blue Print Discovery. We would love to get started on a discovery for your company Click Here to Contact Us.


We partnered with CTS to reinvent their brand and help them break into new markets. The results have established CTS as an expert partner with unmatched solutions.

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HS Brands

When HS Brands was experiencing growth and strategic change internally, they approached Tayloe/Gray to assist in a fresh look at their brand and marketing.

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SBA Complete

SBA Complete tasked Tayloe/Gray with boosting brand awareness and name recognition, while reinforcing their reputation for simple, approachable service. With a ground-up rebrand, we proved we were up to the task.

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