Your website is your digital storefront, and likely one of the first manifestations of your business your clients will encounter. We’ll channel our creativity and technical know-how to build a site that will convey your message, clearly and beautifully.

Corporate Wordpress & Drupal Sites

The advantage of engaging Tayloe/Gray is our experienced in-house team that has worked on projects – both large & small – with CMS platforms. We craft custom solutions rather than using off-the-shelf plugins; providing flexibility and lasting returns.

  • Customized solutions for your brand and business
  • Website creation that reflects your brand, your products, and your audience
  • The technical, digital support you need for ongoing success

UI/UX Web Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are distinct yet critical parts of the web design process. Here is where we show one of our greatest strengths: the ability to synthesize our creative and technical expertise in offering web design that is both visually engaging and functionally fulfilling.

  • Visually and aesthetically gratifying web interfaces combined with intuitive functionality
  • The creation of an overall pleasant and productive digital experience
  • Integration with brand design to ensure harmony and consistency

Custom Landing Pages

Your audience is likely diverse, and your digital presence should reflect that. Our custom landing pages can help target specific audiences and guide them through your website and sales funnel.

  • Audience targeting and identification, ensuring the right market reach
  • Custom landing pages to engage the appropriate audience
  • Market research to ensure your website and landing pages speak to current audience needs and desires

Case Studies

Below are work examples of corporate custom website design and development.  We would love to get started on a web project for your company Click Here to Contact Us.

HS Brands

When HS Brands was experiencing growth and strategic change internally, they approached Tayloe/Gray to assist in a fresh look at their brand and marketing.

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Northeast Bank

When Northeast Bank was ready to expand their presence in the SBA lending market, they sought a marketing partner with experience and knowledge of the space. With a strong history of helping banking clients market their SBA lending capabilities, Tayloe/Gray was an ideal fit to help accelerate Northeast Bank’s growth.

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First Bank SBA

From determined startup to industry player, we helped bring this brand to life with elegant design, expert web development, and insightful marketing.

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Duke Energy Retail

Specializing in both electricity and natural gas, Duke Energy Retail was a certified electric provider, servicing both retail and commercial customers across Ohio until acquired by Dynegy Energy.

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